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Suggestion: See Skill Trees When Choosing Companion Class?



When choosing companion's classes, it would be nice to be able to see the skill trees for the potential classes to be chosen (similar to the button for character creation).


Not a huge deal, but would be a nice quality of life change.

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This is driving me crazy trying to figure out what to take, feel like Is crewed up my first play through by picking the wrong options :( Would really like to be able to see stats and trees to make informed decisions!


Hey Littlebob!  Well, until it's addressed (might be a few patches until it is, I'm sure there are much higher priority bugs and such atm) you can check these out:






should at least help some ;0


Regardless, it's looking like this game will be several play-throughs for me anyway to get to do all the companion stories, so plenty of iterations of the single/multiclass crew mixes for me 


Hope this helps,




ps: welcome aboard w/ your first post on the forums.

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