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Trap xp

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One minor suggestion:


Reward limited amount of xp for disarming each type of trap, similar how the beastiary works. Heck, if the time was there even beastiary entrees for each trap would be nice.


My problem with xp for every trap is that:

a) mechanic feels still like a must have

b) Disarming a trap seems more rewarding right now than using an enemie's trap to your advantage

c) I feel stupid sitting in a trap room in a dungeon and disarming countless traps I already passed safely

d) Disarming lets you use or sell the trap later, that is already reward enough I feel


Just a minor thing, but that always bugged me in PoE1 and the beta. What do you think?

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I agree! While removing all the so float (opening locks, learning spells, killing trash enemies) the xp for traps remained, making it preferable to disarm the trap over everything else. Gaining a trap and selling/replanting it seems like a good enough alternative to luring enemy into it.

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