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Like any other rogue basically. :)


The build I had the most fun with:


Since you are near Durgan's Battery and thus in reach of Badgradr's Barricade you can skill her towards bashing shield rogue with stunning/overbearing main hand weapon.


Badgradr's Barricade procs Thrust of Tattered Veils on crits (unlimited per encounter) and that works with Deathblows. With the disabling main hand weapon (like Godansthunyr, Starcaller, Cladhaliath or We Toki) you can trigger Deathblows with one single strike: choose Blinding or Crippling Strike, the bash will come first. Blind will get applied and if you already crit the shield will proc ToTV. Then comes the main hand which will most likely crit as well because of the blind enemy, causing stun or prone. Next bash with crit will already trigger Deathblows with ToTV which is very deadly.


At the same time this setup makes a rogue quite sturdy (while not losing a lot of dps). This is a good synergy with the devil who has several immunities like mind control, sickened and others as well as against all poison and disease attacks. That combo makes her a good offtanking or "behind the lines" skirmisher. Your druid/wizard can even bombard her with friendly-fire poison/diseases spells like Noxious Burst or Malignant Cloud while she's fending off a group of enemies and she won't feel anything. Great synergy. If you want to make her even more sturdy give her Veteran's Recovery. Give her Weapon & Shield style as well and use Escape if you want and "dive" into battle with +25 deflection. Riposte works quite well with this setup as well. Another nice thing is Adept Evasion which lets her tank even dragons' Wing Slams for some time and makes her shrug off most non-poison/disease AoE attacks.


Besides that, every other build direction also works, like dual sabre and whatnot.


Fun fact: since the Devil is immune to poison and disease, the malus of Bittercut (or even dual Bittercut = double the malus) does nothing on her.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I had some fun giving her a war bow and just having her snipe from the back line. Though her body has some serious recovery penalty, so she actually fires quite slow with it. Perhaps a hunting bow would've been better. Still, using Runner's Wounding Shot with Borresaine was a reliable stun. Getting Deathblows is trickier than it looks, but doable.

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Right now I've loaded her up with weapons like starcaller that proc direct damage spells on crits, durganized her chassis, and always buff her with stuff like hastening exhortation. Her recovery becomes crazy like this and she absolutely tears up people's backlines once she's ninja-vanished into it. Casters all end up as little gibblets.

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Dirty Fighting

Deep Wounds

Persistent Distraction

Withering Strike



Feign Death



Weapon Focus: Ruffian

Vicious Fighting

Shot on the Run (you’ll need this to get the most use out of Fellstroke)


Runner’s Wounding Shot

Quick Switch


Bloody Slaughter



Fellstroke (Exceptional, Slaying: Kith, Flame lash)




Footpad’s hood (PER bonus will be repressed by Lilith’s Shawl, but +2 Stealth)

Lilith’s Shawl (+1 Stealth bonus will be repressed on her, but will aura will still extend to the party).

Ring of Deflection

Ring of Protection

Devil of Caroc’s body (Exceptional, Durgan Reinforced)



Sneak up on squishy things and then shoot them (stacking Rogue bonuses, including unique “Ambushing” property from Fellstroke). Then switch to Nightshroud and then hit them until dead. Alternatively, she can stand back and snipe with Fellstroke when it makes sense for her to do so.

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to questions concerning Devil (somehow):

increased stealth to 14 and expected that she should be able to sneak up to an enemy that way...

but Devil was already detected 10m away from the target?

What number of stealth does she needs to sneak in melee-range?


Wouldn't "Halfmast" be a good weapon chioce?



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