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What the heck is going on with frame rate?



I have an r5 1600 (3.9ghz 6 core 12 threads)

asus strix rog b350 mobo

16gb gskill trident rgb ram (3200mhz)

GTX 1060

 Game drive: 2x pny 480gb RAID 0



I can not get the fps to even change.  Im in the town of stalwart.  Im sitting at 25fps.  Graphics slider at lowest settings, no vsinc, 1080p x 60hx.  If i change the settings to max graphics, no vsinc, 3840x2160 res 60hz... i still get 25 fps.. just with better graphics... What is causing this?  I had a 1080ti before and sold it.  I just didnt need that much gpu.  Rarely even put a load on that thing.  The 1060 is only getting used 35%.  CPU is using 8threads.  Why is performance so damn bad?  The lowest fps is always with the white march dlc.  Main game runs in the 50s usually.

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Newer hardware has issues with good ol' Pillars... Sounds a bit funny.


I, too, have got issues when it comes to that, though they are more in the area of fps drop rather than low fps overall. Pillars of Eternity is the only (new(seriously!)) game that does that and refuses to change despite any tweaks I do with the various software tools I have. It's just poor optimization. 



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I'm getting this problem with both Pillars and Pillars II now. Pillars at ~30fps with more than couple characters on the screen and Pillars II at ~10fps during the first fight.  


Intel i7-2600K @3.4Ghz


GTX 1070


Edit: I should also mention that I used to have a GTX 550Ti and 8GB RAM on this same system and always had 60fps, no problems.

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