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Can You Add Deadfire Beta If You Purchased Through Steam?

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So, I wanted to pay the $20.00 fee and add Beta to my purchase.  If you bought it through Obsidian it shows you how to do this, you go to your page on obsidian and then unlock it for whatever system you purchased it on.  There even seems to be a way to do this if you purchased it through GOG.com.  But I purchased it through Steam, at a time which I had no Obsidian account (for the forums and what not).  Now there seems no way of adding it via the page your Steam program goes to.  


I could, I suppose, purchase the game again through Obsidian, but this seems pretty extreme.  Is there anyway to purchase the Beta privilege if you bought the game directly through Steam?  Like I said on the Obsidian account I have now it lists neither PoE or PoE II since I purchased them directly through Steam prior to creating this Obsidian account.  Is there any way to add my already purchased games to my new Obsidian account??  Please help :-)! 


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I don't think that's possible, since that's the backer beta and you bought it on Steam instead of backing it. Also, do you really wanna drop another 20 for a beta that is only going to be eligible for another 3 weeks? That's such a short time span. The actual game comes out "soon".

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You are awfully late. :)


The game will be out in less than a month.


The beta is short (it starts at lvl 6 and goes up to max 9, and it's not the whole game in beta state - it's more like a small testing area with a few quests) and is lacking a lot of stuff. It also seems that it won't get updates anymore. Not a few mechanics already work differently in the final game. The feedback that Obsidian gets from the beta today will most likely not make it into the game.


As a beta user I want to warn you: it's not worth the $20 at this point.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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