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NPC turning hostile and game cannot proceed


In Luminescent Caves there's a bunch of spider guards defending the Vithrack Common House. They are friendly at the beginning but will turn against you several seconds later after a spider finishes talking to himself about the crystal. So i just force attacked them directly cuz it is a waste of time watching this. But i guess this made the game believe i start attacking friendly NPCs so even those miners in level 1 became hostile. Thus i cant finish the quest 'Whispers in the dark' cuz Foreman Ismey is hostile now.


I don't think i am willing to proceed in this stupid situation. And i cant figure out why there is a connection between Vithrack and miners. If there is no solution about this, it is time to delete the game.

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Maybe read this first: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72439-must-read-how-to-report-an-issue/


If not, go ahead, uninstall and don't look back...


Besides that: I agree that this is a rather annoying bug.

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