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Player Level limit and game difficulty

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Hello everyone.


I find this game frustratingly easy and vanilla...etc......


Do you guys have any suggestions for me to make it much interesting / harder ?

What guys do you think if there could be an option to lock your player level progression depending on the zone you have entered?


For example.

If i finish all quests in Glided Vale and finish all non-combat quests in Defiance Bay and Dyrford, then i can take 6 lvl easily.

And then just cakewalk all combat quests in Def. Bay, Raedrick, grab all possible EXP in searing falls, etc...

This leads to easy lvl 9...

What next....Go to WM (part 1), easy grab all starting cool gear....it escalades too fast and easy...


If i want to have the best experience with game....then i should gimp my lvl up and have specific route to follow.

What is this route?


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Overleveling encounters was an issue in the vanilla game if you were diligent about doing sidequests, and the expansions only made the problem worse (upscaling helps a bit, but it's only available for small parts of the game).


If you aren't playing on PotD, you should be. Beyond that, I think most people either just accept that only a few encounters will be any challenge (the PotD bounties and dragons are decent IMO) or try things like soloing, expert mode, and the like.

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I dont do completionist playthrough anymore. There are quests that i think about if my character would skip or not finish and monsters that i dont kill and just skip. Its made playthoughs smoother  because i am not as overleveled as i have been in the past. I get that it is a tough route to go and may be more useful for second playthrough. I also play with less total group size like 5 or 4.

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If it's too easy on PotD with a full party you should try a solo playthrough.

Yes with White March 1 and White March 2 that increase the level cap to 16 I can believe this might be possible.


Try that as I with no WM1 and WM2 and level cap 12 and no equipment no more Dragon eyes from expansion... and I think Nightmare is to hard solo.


No before someone on the forum call me poor well I am not a millionaire 1000 000 euro+ netwealth, but I am landlord that dream of early retirement (realistic dream) and I will buy POE2 with all expansions. I am not interested to pay for WM1 or WM2 now thought not saying it is wrong to do that.


You probably get a little bit more reputation to import to POE2 from WM1 an WM2.


This post is not meant as criticism for people who bought WM1 or WM2.


My point was it is harder to solo finish if you are level 12 and no access to expansions.

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