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First, I have to say thank you Obsidian for NOT localizing PoE2 into Japanese.
I've finished to localize PoE1 and Tyranny in Japanese, each took me almost 1 year, and I'm looking forward to translating PoE2 with vomiting blood and getting my feet wet.

By the way, I have a request on translation.
I use translation tool(excel and PoE/Tyranny ConversationBrouser https://dotup.org/uploda/dotup.org1459677.jpg ), which tells me course of story. But some line lacks of Speaker ID, and I can not tell who speaks the line.
You know, man and woman have different expression of speaking in Japan, so I want to you to fill all the speaker ID if possible.
 A lot of cases, it is companion's random speaking in each event.

Thank you.

PoE/Tyranny Conversation Brouser https://dotup.org/uploda/dotup.org1459690.jpg is very useful for localizer, which tells you coarse of events, you can tell who speaks the line and who reply it in most events.
I localize this game with Excel and this tool, then hand the data to Mod-programmer, then we make Japanese-Localized Mod.
by the way, I'm poor at English, so No Question for the tool please. thank you!!

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@Fackman, respects. Recently I did a polish translation for a movie for my sister, and wow, it took much more work than I anticipated, and I was already using a template from English subtitles. It must take a commitment to translate a whole RPG, especially that Pillars isn’t always the easiest fiction to translate.

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>>Lord Mord

I'm sorry if i make you expect excessively. It is just,,,,mmm...when you say 'Thank you.'

In English, Man and woman says same sentence 'Thank you.'

But in japan, Man says'感謝します', and Woman says '感謝しますわ', there is a bit differece at end of the words.

We demands manliness or womanliness in speaking Japanese.

(but recently, some woman seems more like man.)



Yes. it was painstaking. but I was also very fun.

To tell the truth, i'm relieved to know there will be no official Japanese localization.

For instance, Some official localization ( such as Skyrim, Fallout4) was awful and we couldn't enjoy the games.

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Hybridsalmon is right, I want to do it for myself, and it makes me understand PoE world better than any other.



Thank you to cover me.

other than difference between man and female, Localization need to express personality, character....

When I translated the words of 'Lady Eydis Webb', I imagined her as Dola in 'Laputa, Castle in the Sky'.


Dola         http://nenozero.info/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/21871ecd5e39fca24aef855fa63e45d6-e1506525439139-300x251.jpg

Laputa      http://romansreviews.blogspot.jp/2016/02/castle-in-sky-1986.html

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