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beta version 3: I could not load a game



I play on a windows 10 computer.

The game updated and I started a new game. In the main menu I could not select load or continue ( That is probaly correct, older saves do not work together with the old version)

I started a new game and there I pressed the quick save button several times and I got the message that I did a quick save.

I quit the game and started a new one to look at character creation again. (without looking at continue or load)

Then I quit character creation without starting a new game.

I pressed continue and the screen became black and the mouse cursor appeared, but even after a minute the screen remained black.

I quit the game (alt+tab to another window, then pressing X in the icon on the task bar).

I started the game again but I was unable to select load or continue.


Maybe it´s because I named one of the characters from the old version "Watcher" and I gave the char of the new version the same name.

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Hello Madscientist!


I ran the scenario you listed above and was unable to reproduce the issue. I had another tester w Win10 try as well and the same results occurred. Do you have the save you can send with this issue on it? 





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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