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Wrong barks all game long



Hello everyone, so I'm finally playing the beta and in my first four hours there is something incredibly annoying that has been bugging me: characters' barks!

I know it is quite the minor bug, of course I've also experienced performance issues, graphics stuttering and icons/tooltips flickering, but they have got reported already and I believe they will be fixed in time for release.


So about the barks: first of all, characters shouldn't react to the magnifying glass! Whenever I'm checking something, as soon as I click to read the text, my team barks for no reason things like "I got this, I got this", "Gimme a real challenge" etc. That didn't happen in PoE1 and it shouldn't happen here either.


There is a specially annoying bark which declares that something is impossible to do. In my opinion that bark shouldn't even exist. I've heard the same thing in Tyranny, but never in PoE1.

The most common one: "not happening"!

The problem is that the bark gets triggered a lot, and for no real reason. When my party walks around, someone says "not happening"; when I'm leaving a hut, "not happening"; if I'm clicking on the walkable path "not happening"! After a while, it really got on my nerves!


One final note/question: will we be able to customize the audio of the characters just like it happened in PoE1? That is very important for me and I strongly hope it will be the case.


Thanks for the great game, it is looking magnificent so far! :wub:

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Edér, I am using WhatsApp!

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