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I am looking forward to starting my ultimate, personal canon run of POE when I get off work tonight, cant wait to get started.


I do have to communicate though that I am really disappointed that my last play through will still be plagued by the two most disappointing bugs in the game that have persisted through every patch and build I have played through. We face a new game, but I will never get the Cipher run in original POE that features the awesome particle effects from Soul Whip once I save and reload the game, and my beginning companions dialogue will still be stuttery and fail to play the first few seconds of recorded dialogue, if at all. 


Does anyone else have day 1 bugs that will still be the one imperfect element of their perfect play through? What about for other games?



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Does anyone else have day 1 bugs that will still be the one imperfect element of their perfect play through?




What about for other games?

Not really bugs, but rather... little stuff that devs implemented, but didn't think about consequences. E.g:


- Galactic Civilizations 1: you could threaten a minor race to pay you tribute. But not all instantly rather each turn for 50 turns. Now the game didn't check if they CAN pay all amount, but only if they have enough to pay the first transaction. So you could declare war 50 turns in a row, and each time negotiate peace for a huge total amount of money that was stacking. And somehow a small minor planet was power-housing a huge galactic empire.

- Galactic Civilizations 2: you could get a technology that would give you 10% of total war profits in the galaxy. So first you were bribing (with huge amounts of money) all civilizations to declare war to each other... and then reaping astronomical profits. You basically built nothing at that point any longer. Everything was rush / instant-buy.

- World of Warcraft: I have checked few private servers out of nostalgia few years ago. I remember one was pretty decent, but there was a critical bug which no one noticed as I understood for over a year! The attack speed bonuses were added... via spd * (1 - bonuses), rather than via spd / (1 + bonuses), and majority were saying that haste sucks,... you understand now that if you stacked enough, attack duration of a swing could get close to zero? skyrocketing to the moon the auto-attack dps? =)

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I thought if another one. Camilla Valerius of Skyrim never properly pathing to show me to bleak fall barrow. Then again Bethesda open world stuff could sell events not starting properly or playing out to a audience of no one due to bad cues as a feature to ensure each play through as unique. 

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