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Hired adventurers not gaining XP?



I used all my starting gold to hire a full party of level 2 adventurers so I could fiddle around more with the multi-class options.
However eventually I realized that my adventurers were not leveling up... or gaining XP at all anymore.
I'm not sure exactly when it happened, unfortunately. I started out doing quests in the village, and then left to experience some combat, so perhaps the adventurers got quest XP but not bestiary XP?
I did not use hired adventurers in Pillars 1, so I admit I'm unfamiliar with how they work. Does the fact that they are such a lower level than the MC mean that they CAN'T gain XP?
Main character (before)
Main character (after)
Hired Wizard (before)
Hired Wizard (after)

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Thanks for the post! I'll investigate the issue with adventurers and bug it if they are intended to gain experience.


Additionally, if you wanted to mess around with the starting party, you are able to begin a new game with all your party unleveled. Simply start a new game and go directly to Options > Difficulty and turn Auto Level Companions off. Hope that helps a bit!


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