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Portrait scaling during character creation distorts the image



I described this earlier, but making a thread with more detailed description and gifs.


Description: When you are choosing a portrait for your character in CC, the portrait's proportions look a bit wrong. I made gifs:


And I also made a "portrait" with a perfect square and a gird on it to make it more visible:


I have this issue with both default and custom portraits. Proportions in other parts of UI seem to be ok so far.


How to recreate:

The easiest way to notice is to download my Abstract Watcher portrait, unzip it into the ...\Pillars of Eternity II - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity2_Data\gui\portraits\player\female folder. Then start a new game, get to the customization part, and select the portrait. It will be visible that vertical sides of the square are shorter than the horisontal ones.




Output_log just in case.

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