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Character Creation Issue



* On character creation the final screen summary had an inaccurate accuracy. I created wild orlan ranger with 7 perception and it said 19 accuracy in summary but once in game it said 27. Also my deflection was wrong on the summary vs in game






* For the wild orlan character creation when i selected the bald option i could not unselect it to get hair back. I had to leave game and come back in. I suppose once more hair options are in this will be fine but it was annoying to not be able to undo that selection


* Once i started leveling up my character doll colors messed up. the inventory screen was correct but the level screen was not.

Update: spoke to soon now my character in game looks white like the second picture. All my coloring is gone like in the second picture. All i have done is finish character creation. Quick saved the game. Then open inventory and character sheets to look around. Equip my character. Then i started to level up where i noticed the white and when i was finished leveling up i was all white.



Small stuff 

* The tool tips - if a link is close to top of screen the tool tip displays outside the game going up. If i move my mouse off and then go back they display next to or below the item and become readable

* Could just be my perception but i couldnt get my wild orlan hair color to match the in pre done portrait. The portrait hair was red but the seemed hard to recreate. Seems like if a portrait is provided you should be able to duplicate with the model but i admit maybe this is just my perception of the coloring.
* I guess this isnt a bug but you cant read info about attributes or skills unless you click the plus/minus would be nice to be able to click on name and see info
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Hey draego,


Thanks a ton for the feedback! I'm sorry that you had all of these issues (and that the game tried to stick you with a bald Orlan). I have passed all of these issues onto the team and we are now tracking them internally. Thanks again for taking the time to post this feedback.

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