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Paladin Ability Accuracy display bug



I've noticed that the listed accuracy for my paladin's abilities does not match the accuracy in combat.

After some scrutiny I realized that it is because the level based bonus for abilities is not showing up for paladin. For example, my level 16 paladin is showing an accuracy of 80 (picture 1), which is 16 lower than the actual accuracy used in combat, 96 (picture 2)



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That's the case for all classes in the game and not a bug. All offensive abilities get +1 ACC per character level that goes on top of the ACC that's displayed on the character sheet. Auto-attacks will have the displayed ACC (except Carnage hits - because Carnage is an offensive ability as well and also get +1 per level).

The Accuracy will not be displayed when you hover over the button of the ability (e.g. Knockdown or FoD) - for whatever reason. This could be improved indeed.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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