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  1. I made another pass at it, I think it turned out much better this time.
  2. All they really need to do in order to rebalance the ability is lower the focus cost. The current power level is appropriate for a PL3 or PL4 cipher ability, but it costs 80 focus to cast. A refund like how the chanter ability "Far from defeated, his heart filled with joy", which refunds half the resource cost would be perfect. So it would cost 80 focus to cast, then it would refund you 40 right afterwards.
  3. That 20% damage applies when the damage you apply is fully covered by the targets DR (ex. 5 damage against a target with 10 DR will do 1 damage) The damage log works out assuming you have both the intense flames and the scion of flames talents. Each lash is applied seperately and has 1/4 of the target's DR applied to it. So the Calculation that I get for the intense flames is [1.2*(45.9 / 4) - (10/4)]= 11.27 Flames of Devotion applies 50% of weapon damage but it only gets reduced by 25% of the target's DR, so [1.2*(45.9/2) - (10/4)] = 25.04 These two added together add up to 36.31.
  4. I have noticed that both of the new soulbound weapons from the deadfire dlc do not acquire all talent accuracy bonuses the same way as other soulbound weapons. For example, the soulbound club will only benefit from talents which give accuracy bonuses to clubs, like the "prey on the weak" talent or the "weapon focus: ruffian" talent, but the "weapon focus: adventurer" talent will not give it an accuracy bonus. I also checked all of the soulbound weapons to make sure, and it is definitely only the two new weapons which behave this way. edit: missed a "d"
  5. I've noticed that the listed accuracy for my paladin's abilities does not match the accuracy in combat. After some scrutiny I realized that it is because the level based bonus for abilities is not showing up for paladin. For example, my level 16 paladin is showing an accuracy of 80 (picture 1), which is 16 lower than the actual accuracy used in combat, 96 (picture 2)
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