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Hello all! 


Just newly registered specifically to create this post.  I know there are several among you (based on my lurking behind the scenes) that are exceedingly experienced with the Druid class.


I am currently in the midst of attempting to build a SOLO druid main.  And the most important part is, I am using the "unlimited shapeshifting duration" mod for immersion.


Now, I am aware that this insinuates a lack of balance, and it greatly affects the way that a druid should be built.


That being said, I am a complete and utter newbie (I've managed to make it to Act 2 on two separate characters so far...that's it). So please suggest/text me as if I were 5 years old!


I am completely and utterly useless as far as deciding what race, stat scores, shapeshift form, etc etc.


Any help is great help, and I very much appreciated! 


Thanks for your time!!

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Minor newbie update:


So far in my testing, I've created a character that is exceptionally more powerful than both my ranger and wizard at low levels (solo'd bear in the cave no problem at level 2 for example) -- but I'm not sure of the implications of some of my stat choices.


If this is remotely on the right track, please let me know!


Moon Godlike (for regen and dex)

Rautaui (for con)

Slave (survival...not sure if the athletics for second wind trumps Hunter for stealth approaches)


Might: 18

Con: 13+1

Dex: 17+1

Per: 15

Int: 4 (Is int really going to be necessary with no duration on shifting?)

Res: 10


Cat-shift for rapid damage output


My only observations so far, other than hitting absolutely incredibly hard (averaging 20-40 at level 3) and fast, is that accuracy could certainly be higher.  While not in shapeshift form, I am turtling up with a shield (hopefully eventually plate also) and whatever defense items I can find.  This seems to create a bit of a window if any spells need to be cast prior to melee engagement, where I'm not dropping like a rock.  However, quick casts of Natures Vigor and Taste Of The Hunt while in cat-form seem to keep me alive much longer than any opposition.


For a talent choice, I'm guessing the endurance regen talent may stack with the moon Godlike talent. From there...I'm not sure where to proceed (other than peasant, two weapon fighting, and possibly some defensive traits? I'm not at all familiar with the druid).


Any information helps, thanks all!

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I'd say go the regeneration route. That means Moon Godlike and boar form, survival 8 (skill till 6 and use a +2 item when camping to pick +40% healing bonus, the rest you might need for mechanics), Veteran's Recovery.

Spells like Nature's Balm and Moonwell and also Form of the Delemgan help staying alive, as do Returning and Relentless Storm.

Stats would be high MIG and CON, ok DEX and PER and INT, low RES. Use Potions of Spirit Shield before shifting when interrupts become an issue.


Use Wildstrike + Greater Wildstrike Shock, Two Weapon Style and all the other stuff that's recommended in other shifter builds.


Maybe when soloing Wound Binding would make sense? Drinking potions of Infuse with Vital Essence once health is down is not possible while shifted.

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You will regret INT so low for your spells (Calling the World's Maw/Relentless Storm...)

The regeneration path of Boeroer is a good one. A more offensive version is to max DEX/PER, min CON/RES, max survival (for the movement bonus).

The Cat is faster, but the Boar is really good too. For a solo, i choose the boar anytime.

For the abilities, check the thundercat build if you rely mainly on spiritshift.

I suppose you play in normal difficulty ?

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This is all fantastic advise guys!


I am currently playing on Normal mode - correct.


So it is possible to use Res as a dump if I'm keeping Dex and the rest up fairly high? I had a feeling that Int may come into play for some buffs and AOE, so bringing up the Int while trashing Res and bringing Con down a bit might be a good choice.


Also, moon God perk stacks with boar perk, natures spell, and veterans perk? Geeze...this guy could be a regeneration machine.


Thanks for all the help, so far so good. I have not yet dabbled in potions, Boer...I think that spirit shield may help a TON with this build.

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Yes, he will have great endurance regenearation. But watch out for your health. Druids don't have the biggest health pools so make sure you either drink a potion of Infuse with Vital Essence before shifting and/or pick Wound Binding. Few things are more frustrating than dying of low health while you heal like a bo(ar)ss - theoretically.


That's why I like this druid with high CON. Also helps against the most nasty disables.


Please note that the Wildstrike Belt has a fixed duration that is not altered by INT or Spiritshift duration. That means although you will be shifted as long as you want your wildstrike bonus from the belt will run out after 15 secs (unless this also got modded).

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I prefer not dump anything for a solo build, but well in normal difficulty you should not have any problem.
Just keep in mind that with a dump CON/RES character, you have the offensive and you have to CC the enemies first (with storms etc...).
For the potions, well i'm not and expert but potion of deleterious alacrity of motion and potion of infuse of vital essence came to mind. Boerer is right for the low CON, wound binding could be a good idea.

I have played many runs with the druid but i have never checked the duration of the wildstrike belt. Good to know !

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By the way low INT is not only bad for AoE spells but also for all duration based buffs/heals like Veteran's Recovery (the longer it lasts the better) and so on. Also INT has a multiplicative effect on the damage of most DoT spells (like Plague of Insects for example). 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Well, after taking some advice from all of you...I re-rolled my character with some very minor changes. Only at level 5 now...but this is what I have to say:


Wow. Absolutely...unequivocally...wow. This character is not only an insanely enjoyable character to play, but he combines all potential playstyles and niches. The shifted melee ability is absolutely incredible, while the turtle-caster non-shifted variant is also an absolute monster.


I am absolutely dominating the playing field in almost every aspect, while still having to intelligently approach each fight. The character starts off quite "bursty" and lacking in the longer boss fights, however that is very quickly made up when you are stacking regen, or "turtle-dropping" multiple AOEs/buffs and then shifting midfight.


The only problem I've experienced thus far is stunlock/KDlock. However, strategizing the battle differently has had success each and every time.


Lastly, I must admit, I kept the cat-shifting. I'm aware that the boar extra endurance regen stack is very valuable, but I find the early game to be seeing a much larger profit from the absolutely disgusting attack speed with this build (and I haven't even picked up 2-weapon fighting yet...).


Cheers guys. Will keep you posted and link some videos/pictures/struggles for what seems like an incredible build.

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