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Pls give loyal users another week or two to buy content with gold...do the RIGHT thing

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Hi developers,


I finally see what folks are talking about (complaining about, really). I have almost all the content you've created, save a few original character ALTs and some dice, so this doesn't effect me as much as it effects others.


However, I can plainly see that it kinda sucks that content you originally offered before in gold was changed to require $ (with no notice given in the actual game). I've been with you from the very beginning of PA and I think you should give your current loysl users a week or two to spend their gold at the original prices.


It is fine to switch to requiring $, but you should give your loyal users a last chance to transition by spending their gold on characters, adventures, and dice, etc. Ok, you screwed up (saw the post about the announcement not going out)..... but you can still make this right. Just ask users (like me) which character alts, Adventures, etc. they want, subtract the gold at the original prices, and give access to those character alts and Adventures, etc.


This is the right thing.....trust me on this. You give up a few bucks now to make your current loyal users happy and watch them stay with you and spend many more dollars on your new content going forward.


I'm sure I don't have to tell you, but you can make a lot of money off of users like me and your other loyal users who will pay for new content going forward. I spent about $175 on the content for just the physical game of Rise of the Runelords Adventure Card Game. Take my advice....don't betray your golden geese!



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This move really should kill PA stone dead, absolutely atrocious behaviour. You want to change monetization going forwards? That absolutely makes sense. But don't kick this off by flat out stealing money from your customers. That really shouldn't even need to be said.

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