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Pillars of Eternity game-killer on Xbox One.



Dear Obsidian Folks,


I recently purchased PoE for Xbox One, and have been enthusiastically playing it for some time. In general, it's been a great experience, soul-crushing loading times aside. However, today, as I transitioned between levels, the auto-save informed me that the file was now larger "than allowed" and that the game would therefore not save. The same applied when attempting a manual save. There is plenty of space on my hard disk, so this seems to be game-specific.


Obviously there's little point in me proceeding without a working save function. Is there a workaround for this, or a plan to fix the problem? I'd hate to have to abandon a great game, especially after investing so much time in it!


Best regards.

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It sounds like a bug. Have you tried pressing cancel and going back to see if it saved? Sometimes games do that.

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well, it will teach him to use proper gaming platform - PC :)

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