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Usually only the highest bonus is applied to any specific defense. But would it not make sense for "barrier" deflection to stack with "visual" deflection? For example Mirror Image plus Arcane Veil? Also, when dealing with a creature that does not rely on sight, it makes sense that any deflection bonus from illusions should be negated. Same goes for enemies that have been blinded. And it makes sense since the highest illusion defense is +25 deflection and blinded gives a -25 penalty to accuracy, so if you're already getting the -25 you shouldn't have to deal with the deflection bonus on top of it.


How does the game system actually deal with this?

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Game mechanics simply hasn't progressed that far, sadly. Things like this are also much easier to implement on turn based games (like Divinity: OS), in games like PoE the effects of such changes are not going to be as drastic considering how much stuff is going on.


Ultimately, it's just one of those things that would have been nice to have but were just not as high on the devs' priority list.


As far as actual game mechanics, what you get is a rather simple non-stacking/suppressed mechanic for deflection (based more on game balance and the scaling of its attack-boosting buff counterparts) and global stat boosts/reductions based on buffs/debuffs. You won't get any special interaction between them (like in the previously mentioned Divinity: OS, where multiple effects can combine to give you something else), but the system works adequately.

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That's a pity. ;)


As long as you don't get hit or crit the +40 to deflection will stay forever. Grazes don't count.


With Hardened Veil + Wizard's Double you will have +115 deflection and will only get grazed at most. So as long as Arcane Veil is up you will have +115 deflection.


After the Veil is gone you will still have +40 against the next attack - and as long that doesn't hit or crit the +40 will stay.


It's a very potent combo for the early to mid game.



Wizard's Double alone without Arcane Veil is very good for wizard tanks with weapon & shield style and so on. The deflection is already high - and with the potentially everlasting Wizard's Double it can reach numbers where you will most likely only get grazed.


There is a downside: attacks against other defenses will also end Wizard's Double if they hit/crit, but fortunately those attacks (mostly afflictions) are not very common in the early to mid game. Most enemies target defection at that point.

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