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Rise of the Goblins untested things buggy:



Poog's Shot in the Arm power does not match text- Interface does not allow triggering it when Poog makes a check on another character's turn, only allows triggering it once per card encountered even if multiple checks are made, and only allows one character to gain the benefits, even if multiple characters played a blessing. Also the upgraded version does not allow the lower-powered effect.


Expected behavior is that whenever another character plays a blessing on Poog's check, they may shuffle 1 (or 2) random cards from their discard pile into their deck.


Ranzak's Yellow-Bellied power seems to sometimes allow Ranzak to encounter the bane again; this can be worked around by using the power repeatedly until another character is randomly selected. The yellow-bellied power also appears to simply end the Skeletal Ambush barrier if used on the barrier itself; expected behavior is that another character encounters the barrier and triggers the ambush and Ranzak may then give the summoned skeleton to a friend. 


The Brain-Draining Book seems to fail to trigger 'before you act' power when dodged by Yellow-Bellied, even if Ranzak gets randomly selected again. Other 'Before you act' cards have not been encountered to test.


Detect Magic appears to not work at all; clicking on the location deck does nothing.

The Licktoad Camp "Bury an ally to add 1d6" power sometimes does nothing when activated, and sometimes does not allow certain allies to be buried as the cost.


Recharging masterwork tools against the barrier "Eat a bag of toads real quick" appears to complete only one check. Expected behavior is that recharging Masterwork Tools will DEFEAT a barrier whose highest check to defeat is 14 or less, even if there are multiple checks required, not count as completing one check.



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