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Poog: Shot in the Arm Power, Working as intended ?



Hey :)


While playing through the first Scenario of the new Rise of the Goblins content, on 2 occasions, 2 characters both spent a blessing on a check that Poog was making.  After the check when I activated Poog's 'Shot in the Arm' power and the character select screen box appeared, it would always disappear after I had selected 1 character.  As such only one character was able to shuffle 1 random card from their discard pile into their deck.


Is this working as intended ?


Poog's 'Shot in the Arm' power has the following description:


 When another character plays a blessing on your check she may shuffle 1 random card from her discard pile into her deck.


It has been my understanding that there is no cap on the amount of characters that can benefit from Poog's power.


The description says 'another character' as opposed to 'one other character'


If Poog's power is not working as intended, then I'd say this is a Bug.

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I was thinking the same.  "Shot in the Arm" is one of the 'passive' powers and shouldn't be limited to a single use.  

If a power says it may be used when something happens, you may use it every time that happens. Otherwise, a specific card’s power may only be used once per check or step.

Instead of the "character picker" prompt after the check, every character that contributed a blessing should get a "Shuffle Card/Continue" popup.


edit: Clarity.  Also, because just about every rules debate in Pathfinder has happened at least once before on some other site, here's a relevant thread about Poog.

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