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Multiple Bug Reports (Again)



-My device is a Galaxy Note 10.1, running Android Version 4.1.2.


-Pass And Play is off

-Permadeath is off

-Story Mode


So I'd previously established a topic of multiple of my posts detailing more than 20 bugs which made up some - though not all - of the bugs I had experienced prior to the PC release of Pathfinder Adventures.




Its worth noting that only some of those reported bugs have been fixed. I think far less than half of them have been fixed, in fact.


Otherwise, I have purchased and played the very first scenario (Dare or Dare) of the Goblins adventure path (Adventure Burn Everythings), and would like to immediately share the issues/bugs I've personally identified in the single scenario of play. Some have been reported in this forum before, some have - from what I can see - not been mentioned at all.




1. Poog's "Shot in the Arm" doesn't allow multiple characters to be healed. Or rather, it does, at times, but in a very odd way. For example, I've cast a spell with Poog, had multiple people provide blessings for the combat check, then only been able to 'heal' one of them. That said, when I moved to make another check in the same turn, despite nobody having used a blessing on this new check, I was able to use my Shot in the Arm ability again, and then allowed to 'heal' one of the characters who'd previously supported me with a blessing that I didn't get to heal earlier. Very odd.


2. The sole location in the first scenario, Dare or Dare, lets you bury an ally to add a 1d6 to any roll against a bane. This is subject to the same bug that was present with Lini previously had (as well as other corner cases); and using the ability, then moving the ally back to your hand, does not remove the 1d6. You can then bury the same ally again, and repeat the process for infinite dice. Basically, auto-win against every bane as long as you have an ally in hand. This is basically a pre-existing bug.


3. Poog's ability Greenhorn is not working as written. It clearly states that it banishes a boon with the Animal trait when used "for its power", and yet burying an animal with the location power from Dare or Dare (as stated in bug #2) will also trigger the banishing, though the animal's power was not used. 


4. When building my party for the new adventure, it did not let me use the name "Seelah" or "Valeros", instead giving my characters the names "Seelah 1" and "Valeros 1", despite having not made a party for this adventure before. If they're supposed to be account-wide name restrictions, then it's still bugged, because my other adventure also has a Seoni and a Harsk, and yet they were given the standard "Seoni" and "Harsk" names just fine.


5. Completing Dare or Dare gave my party both a Skill Feat and a Card Feat. The scenario rewards do not, in any way, suggest a Card Feat should have been awarded for the Scenario.


6. At one point Ranzak came across one of the "Horde" barriers. I believe Skeleton Horde, where everyone must defeat an Ancient Skeleton and then the barrier is banished. Though it shouldn't have changed the outcome, I used his ability to Evade and have another character at my location encounter it at random. Seelah appeared to be chosen, as it jumped to her, but the barrier then banished itself, with no monsters being summoned at all (though the scenario rules did still give Seelah a boon for 'defeating' the barrier). I've had heaps of problems with Horde-style barriers before, so this also feels like a bug that's been around a while.




I have pretty much no intention of continuing the adventure. Not given the exceptional rate of bugs realized in the first mission alone; even following multiple patches since my last, also buggy, experience with the game. As a result, there probably won't be further responses in this thread with additional bugs like I did last time.

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