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Unable to Purchase Rise of the Goblins (iOS)



I own Rise of the Runelords Bundle.. But it will not let me buy Burn Everything... Bug..


General (For all issues)

  • What platform are you on? iPhone 
  • What version of the OS are you running? 10.3.3
  • What model is the device? iPhone 7 Plus
  • What is your PFID#? ADEC4782C8A5B92A
  • What products were purchased? Trying to purchase Rise of Goblins
  • What products are missing (if any)? When I try to purchase it it says “confirm purchase Rise of Goblins for ?” Then immediately says “sorry, the attempted purchase of Burn Everthings! Did not go through!” There is no price listed next to it just an empty box.


Restarted device uninstalled game and reinstalled. Hard reset phone nothing works. 

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The developers posted this in another thread concerning the issues purchasing the DLC on iOS.


- iOS only - The Store is not letting you buy the Goblin Campaign. We are in contact with Apple on this.  Their product ID in iTunes isn't matching what we have in the game.  If they change a single digit in iTunes the iOS store will magically work.  If they cannot make that change, for some reason, we will have a patch (likely tomorrow) that will fix this.


If you have your iOS linked to an account that already has the Goblin campaign you will be able to play it normally.  It just not working directly from the store at the moment.

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