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Collection Display Glitches (Rise of the Goblins)

Ethics Gradient


Noticed a few weird display glitches while navigating the collection window in the 1.2.7 release on iOS.  Anyone else seeing similar issues?


Visiting Collection -> Adventures, then switching over to the Rise of the Goblins DLC

- Decks one and five are highlighted.  Clicking on other deck numbers doesn't seem to do anything.




Visiting Collection -> Cards, then switching over to the Rise of the Goblins DLC
- Only Deck P is available, cannot click on other decks to see the new Goblins cards.

- There are two "arrow buttons" to switch between campaigns sets, and two layers of graphics they toggle.

- Only one of the those arrows does something.  The other just toggles a graphic.




I started a Goblins campaign to see if there was any difference while in a scenario, and the collection window was still behaving odd.  The Steam edition was exhibiting similar issues, which initially led me to check out iOS to see if was platform related.

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I have the same problems on my iPad.
But my version of Rise of the Gobelins seems to be not activated on my account.
Always the same number of cards visible in the collection (1268 / 1858)

Gobelins adventures are not available on my IoS.
When I wanted to purchase it in the store (IoS) there isn't price notified. It's empty. But I can't click for buy it.

On the Steam version (PC) when i try to buy the DLC, the Steam DLC's page opens for buy the DLC.

It doesn't works and I don't know why ! :banghead:

I have sended a mail to the Obsidian support, I'm waiting an answer...

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Sadly, it seems that the second graphical glitch (two overlapping pictures with AD name + two double-sided arrows) is still present in Android even after the secong GoblinUpdate™ :-) ... I hope it is correct at least in iOS.


With no other bugs were addressed other than the iOS devices being unable to purchase the Goblin campaign. was introduced to android for parity reasons. (Don't ask why Steam version are still 1.2.7  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

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