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To me their lack of starting mechanics is almost irrelevant. If you want to use them just invest in mechanics. You can always start with at least 1 mechanic from a background. If you focus on giving them mechanics they will be fine for finding traps and locking throughout the game.

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A "talker" either has good int/per or res, and pretty much anyone who doesn't spend most of his/her time swinging a weapon can focus on mechanics.


I'm not sure where you got "stuck with chanter" with that since there's a good number of characters builds that can meet those requirements (assuming you want them together), from fighters to wizards to ciphers. If you leave mechanics to Aloth, Durance, Kana and even Hiravias or Grieving Mother, then you can even try to make an int/per/res build out of any class. Personally, I prefer to just go with int/per and leave res at 10 or so since raising res using bonuses/gear is pretty easy by mid/late-game. I'd only start with res instead of int/per on warrior-type characters.

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