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Potions and scrolls



Potions and scrolls could have been very useful, if they didn't fail to activate half the time.

All too often my character would cast a scroll, but nothing would happen. I get the autopause for finishing the action, but the spell didn't take effect and the scroll was not used up. This is very annoying, especially when winning a fight depends on protections against fear, paralyze, etc.

And sometimes my character would drink a potion during combat, get attacked mid action, and it'll be as if they didn't drink it. I know this could cause an interrupt, but that's supposed to delay the action, not cancel it. Although this happens less often than the problem with the scrolls.

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Yes, potions and scrolls occasionally fizzle. And this is not related to simple interruption (concentration fail), as the character when interrupted just starts drinking/casting anew.


Have you noticed any reliable way to recreate this? Cose only then the problem can be tracked down.


P.S. If it helps: consume potion action consists of: 3-5 frames idle animation + 70 frames drinking animation + 0 recovery frames. The potion goes in effect right in the middle of drinking anim (i.e. on 36th frame).

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