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A few concerns and questions regarding the E3 video

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Ok dudes, found a solution, listen up: Only personal inventories will remain, stash will be at the ship only and pets will deliver the excess lootz to ship and bring back items as we order via some soul communication with the Steward. 


There'll be 3 basic types of pets:


Cats are fast but unreliable, they can get lost then we'd need to find them, they have small inventory space.

Dogs are reliable, have medium inventory space but they are slow.

Birds are also reliable, have tiny inventory space but the fastest.

There'll be other types of pets/exotic animals which'll have varying capabilities including large inventory space, being very slow, instant 1 item delivery etc.

All pets have their preferred weather and terrain conditions, some won't deliver our precious lootzzz under certain conditions.

If we are indoors flying pets will be unavailable and predatory pets won't be allowed in Neketaka or in bigger settlements.

All pets will have 1 use which will get reset once we return to the ship.

All pets can get injured in which case they'll be unavailable for some time, they can also die, especially if the path to ship has enemies in it.

There'll be veterinarian skill which will grant bonuses.



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Could have fooled me. Torchlight is basically a Diablo-1-like. You go deeper and deeper underground. You have a pet that carries items and you can dismiss it to sell or send items to your stash. The deeper you go the longer it's gone. It's also a fighting pet so you'll be without that extra dps/defense for a bit.

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Interesting mechanic. Never played Diablo either. Only game with item delivery pet that I can recall atm is Dota2, played it for a week, about 2 years ago.


Tho I thought cats carrying items should have sounded ridiculous... :)

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1 & 2: Given that it's still pre-alpha (as stated in the E3 vid), I assume that it's still a work in progress. The titan's death also seemed rather unspectactular to me, compared to the way it was described in the fig update that showed concept art of it.


3: What are you confused about with the inventory system? It's not all that different from PoE1, just more streamlined and tried to make it more accessable. For the health, the way I understand it is that instead of the short term endurance and long term health damage, there is the single metric which has health that recovers after combat. In place of the long term system is that over time and/or when you get KO'd, you get wounds, which are only removeable via rest. I don't think we (besides the devs that is) know the deeper details of how it all works yet.


My main worry about the damage animations (or lack thereof) was because that's how it was in PoE1. It's true that it's a very early buile, but I can't just assume that it is something they're going to work on.


So if that's how it's really going to be, the health will be exactly like in Dragon Age?  


What I didn't understand was about the personal inventories. In PoE1, you could everyone's inventory on one screen. Now it appears that it's not the case anymore. Will there be a way to quickly look for a specific item if you don't know who has it?


It would be cool of there was a toggle that switched the inventory space below the player's between the stash and the rest of party.

Personally I hope they do away with individual inventories (apart from what is actually equipped of course) and just have the stash whose weight limit is determined by the combined strength and number of party members.  While I like having a limit to what can be carried, moving things between party members just seemed like unnecessary busywork. 


And I would still hope for a stash onboard the ship to store the things I don't want to sell but don't want to carry any more either.  This would mean I could store things without worrying about selling them by mistake too, as that was one thing I found annoying in Pillars: I would have items that I wanted to keep (quite often just for nostalgia reasons) but since the stash had everything in it (divided into categories) I had to be careful not to just all the items through. Having a separate chest on the ship specifically for this would have been great.

Few thoughts. I don't think weight limit will happen (except self imposed on no-stash run, oh why would you do it) unless Josh design philosophy has changed since PoE. I remember him explaining stash a while ago that even without it there is nothing stopping you from looting everything. It would just take multiple runs into the dungeon. So either they have to force you to drop and loose loot pernamently, or allow you to carry out everything.


I do like a reasonable inventory management (inventory Tetris being my fav!) but The idea of combined carry weight just doesn't sit with me too well. While I don't get annoyed with individual inventory management (grimrock, Infinite engine, dues ex) I found Witcher3, Bethesda, Dragon Age carry limits annoying. I suppose that at the point where you carry THAT many items any kind of "immersion" is out anyway and inventory reveals itself as a shallow busywork.


What I am trying to say is, that while I might disrespect myself for using stash, I don't really want it to go away. I still like having individual inventories as I tend to put there consumables and items for those specific characters for easy use.

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I'm very much of the same mind on the inventory matter Wormerine. I enjoy managing an inventory when it's that Deus Ex, Resident Evil, Diablo styled grid. It's especially nice for games where the purpose of the inventory is mostly about what you bring with you, and second to that picking up the crème de la crème on each dungeon run.


But in none of those games do you have a party. With more characters means a greater amount of loot to encounter. You don't want do be solving your character builds as you are trying to fit everything in your inventory. It's nice to just collect everything, then sort out the details later.

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