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Running ie mod on mac osx

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Hi, guys. I have a problem.


I've spent the last 2 days trying to figure out how to get ie mod to run on my mac. I've got it installed according to the directions. I even got patchworklauncher.exe to open using mono. The problem comes after that.


Once PatchworkLauncher opens, it asks to be directed to the PoE file. Sure, np. I type in the location and....whoops.


It's looking for PillarsofEternity.exe. Which I don't have. Because I have a mac.


I've googled and searched and read all over the place and I cannot find detailed instructions on how to get this mod (or well any mod) to work on Mac. If someone could PLEASE help me figure it out, I would be grateful. I feel like I'm just missing something really obvious and simple, but I can't get it. :/


Also, um. If you could keep your answers like...not kindergarten simple, but maybe middle school simple? I know my way around my computer and I'm pretty smart, but I'm not an expert by any means, and a bunch of super complicated technical jargon will make my eyes glaze over.






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It's looking for PillarsofEternity.exe. Which I don't have. Because I have a mac.

But do you have Assembly-CSharp.dll in the /PillarsOfEternity_Data/Managed directory?


If yes, and assuming this .dll is the same despite of platform, you could install PoE on Windows, run Patchwork and generate Assembly-CSharp.pw.modified.dll. Then substitute the original Assembly-CSharp.dll  (on your Mac) with the generated Assembly-CSharp.pw.modified.dll. (don't forget to backup through).

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