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Can't reveal weapon for hidden beast.



I'm not entirely sure if this monster is just a big trap for players who can't read and/or it has something to do with 1 card type per check restriction, or none of the above at all..

I can't reveal a weapon after the combat to bury check and I have encountered this (bug?) twice already, first time on mobile version, and another time just right now as I'm typing this.


The first time when i encountered this, this is what happened. 

Encounter Hidden Beast, now i have to roll for the very last text power, combat 22 or bury 1d4 cards. I reveal a weapon and fought it, won and then the game proceeds to the REAL combat check. At this point i can't reveal a weapon for some odd reason. Unfortunately I didn't check if i was at the right check to fight the monster(my later investigation showed that the default check is at wisdom). I had thought there was some rule where I can only play 1 card type per check. Similar to how if you revealed an ebon armor during the fight and lost, you can't banish/bury any armor now to reduce damage. Since I revealed a weapon during the previous check, i was denied the chance to use a weapon, thus why i said this is a big trap for players.


And now the steam version. I attached 2 links that show I'm fighting this beast, trying to reveal a weapon but to no avail.





Encounter Hidden beast, 4 characters present, 4x combat 22 or bury checks. The very first check was made by the encounterer, Seelah. In my mind I was still thinking this is some kind of 1 card type per check kinda deal so i attempted to beat this thing bare fisted with the aid of the ebon armor. Failed, buried 1 card. All others i revealed weapons to fight and they all succeeded the combat 22 check. 

Now the real fight begins. And of course I was wrong, it indeed sounds like a bug. I cannot reveal a weapon but strangely enough I can use the slaying scythe and bury power to auto-defeat this monster.




Ok... i know I should post this somewhere but seeing as how it just happened right after i defeated this hidden monster, why not... 

The bugs just never end... i think i should start a new scenario...

I used a charmed dragon that was in my hand. After the combat check i was never prompted the roll or dragon betrays me. The dragon is permanently gone....

Carrying on... this isn't the first time i lost something, same turn, I discarded a blessing to explore, got a free blessing. Used the blessing to explore and um... what? I have unexplained -1 check displayed to obtain this new blessing. Decided to go to a "vault trip", went back into the game and... um what? The dragon is back. :wowey:

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Sounds like a bug. You can only use one type of card for a given check, but it's extremely clear that the "Before You Act" text is a different check to the check to defeat, so you should be able to use a weapon for both. It seems the game has treated them as the same check, therefore removing your ability to use a weapon 'twice'.


Yes, the game was buggy before the recent patch, now, from what I hear, it's just as bad or worse, especially for longer adventures/later scenarios.

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