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purchased cards not showing up in unclaimed list?



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Yeah, we just fixed it.  PlayFab wasn't sending it to the Stash...


By the way, nsr, I placed a new Amulet on your account.





Unfortunately it didn't seem to work- maybe it's because I was in the middle of a game when you did it?  I also tried turning off the app and turning it on again but this made more problem- I lost at least 2 prayers of Gorum and a few other legendaries in my collection disappeared also.  Not sure which others, I am only sure about the Prayer of Gorum because suddenly Amiri needed to rebuild her deck.


Edit: maybe not related to your attempt though since I discovered the PFID in my signature is wrong.

Edited by nsr


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List of missing cards (as far as I can tell):

2+ Prayers of Gorum

? Unity of Milani

1 Lord Mayor Grobaras


Also, all of the Deck 5 and below cards that you get for completing on legendary are missing (Orik's shield up to Blessing of Thasselonian sins).  Fortunately the Blue Dragon is still there because that took forever.


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