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Character Creation / Level Up Hang and Lag



Back at the beginning of April (the 10th to be exact) I had created a character. Everything was fine and ran smoothly.


Unfortunately I didn't stick with it and started playing something else. This weekend, I wanted to give this game another shot,  but I'm experiencing some long hang-times with loading all of the different menus in character creation.


Example: After skipping the intro narration, I get a black screen for about 10-20 seconds (where the game stops responding and I'm given the option of ending the process) before the character creation pops up. Not only that, but switching genders or clicking the "next" button to go towards races has about a 10 second hang. And then switching races also has about a 10 second hang. There is also about a 5 second delay upon opening the inventory.


Confused with this, I then load my other save file and try to level up my character. The game freezes for about 20-30 seconds before the level-up process begins.


Looking it up, I can only find similar experiences from the year 2015, and all of their solutions (disabling ethernet adapters, disabling virtual networks, and disabling Hamachi, etc) have not worked for me.


I've verified game files on Steam, added an exception to my firewall, disabled Avast, ran the game as Administrator, lowered resolution, turned off Vsync, etc, but nothing seems to do the trick.

It was working just fine earlier this month. Anybody else experiencing this, or have any different advice that can be given?




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A few hours ago i enter the game, for some reason, just to see the menú and my save, long loading times, stop responding and on the charactercreation menú a similar problem, but not that bad, a delay of 1-2 seconds evrey time i clicked "next", an ability or switch an attribute value, considering the speed of menú navigation used to be really fast it was really annoying, just now i delete the saves i dont need, still slow loading times compared to when i play last year but got better, and about .5-1 seconds delay, wich is still a problem, but since has passed a few hours im not sure if the improvement its related to the saves, you could try if you have saves.

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I deleted the entirety of my saves, but it didn't help even a bit. There's still a long delay.


EDIT: As of Sunday morning, the problem seems to have been solved. I turned my computer on today and opened the game and everything seems to be just fine. A strange, but happy occurrence. The problem is still active.

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Similar issue here, I get a 2s freeze everytime I click on something in the character creation menu (you can imagine how annoying it gets when you are settings you characters stats or browsing portraits). I hadn't played the game for a month or so and everything seemed normal back then. My game is maintained up to date via GOG Galaxy and my system specs are:

- 12GB Ram
- i7-3770K CPU

- R9 390 GPU

- Windows 10


Oddly enough I don't get any issue of that sort when I try to change a character portait in game.


Edit: after a new verification of the game cache integrity and a couple of system reboots everything seems to be back in order, I don't know what caused the issue in the first place. I also disabled the cloud saves feature, I have no idea if it is related or not.

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