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QQ: Is there an innate benefit to using a two-handed weapon?

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Using a one-handed weapon with no shield provides an innate +12 ACC.

Using two weapons provides an innate 50% recovery time decrease.


Is there a innate bonus for using two-handed weapons? And while we're at it, is there an innate bonus for using a one-handed weapon and shield? And no, I don't mean "well, two-handed weapons have more base damage" or "you get to use a shield, duh!" I mean bonuses like that of using two weapons or only one weapon.


Anyone know?

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If you dual-wield - you don't get the recovery penalty for using single weapon.

If you use one-handed weapon with no shield - you get 12 bonus acc.

If you use two-handed melee weapon - you get the indirect benefit of having higher base damage :)

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Yeah..I don't know. I need to do some more testing with the game. I just did a playthrough which included a Barb and Fighter who both went two-handed style. The Fighter went Estocs and eventually ended with the Endless Paths blade. The Barb went Greatswords and eventually landed with the Hours of St. Rumbalt. The fighter did more damage in the playthrough (way more than I expected since I used Fighters only as tanks in the past) but the barb was catching up at the end. I didn't feel the two-handers were weak but I think that dual-wielding can produce better results, we'll see. 

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