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Forgive me if this question has been already made and answered(Just made a simple search on the search bar with the words "Paladin Order"), but starting a new game in PoE2 will I be able to change my paladin order?

For example I started my paladin as a Goldpact Knight, but given his choices and thoughts RP wise I think in PoE2 he would be in a complete different order given how he behaved.


P.S: Sorry for my english, not my native language.

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If you mean changing your paladin's order from what it was in Pillars 1, then yes. When you import your save, you'll be able to select a new class or subclass as you see fit. I wouldn't expect companions or other NPCs to react to the change, though.

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What about gender, race, background and culture?


These haven't been decided yet (or at least haven't been announced). There was a thread discussing what should be allowed to be changed with some people arguing that you shouldn't be allowed to change these things since it broke immersion and others pointing out that since it was optional why would that matter (you can probably guess I fall into the latter camp).

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