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A suitable ocean current could do it, similar to how the Gulf Stream keeps northern Europe warm.

Or how the warm current from Alaska keeps those of us here in Western Washington from being anywhere near as cold as you'd expect for being this far north.

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MaxQuest :"current attack speed system is actually great. It is deep, and in current "ecosystem" (items/talents/buffs/encounters at hand) quite is balanced. There is no need to revamp it, just to tweak a little; update tooltips and overall make it more transparent to the player (perhaps even showing system-calculated action duration)"


Show the current system-calculated action duration for an

- equipped weapon in inventory, just next to Attack number.

- spells in battle UI tooltip. So a user might easy get info how long the partular spell will take at TOTAL. ( all the precast, aim, delay, cast, .... SUM them all and show conveniently where user need it. )


All that complexity is so complex that even players with 250hours do not understand what the stats are for.... .  Make it clear please.

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