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Please upgrade the quest UI

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Not being able to sort by region or see companion quests in a separate category is... annoying. The fact we get a separate category for "tasks" for no good reason in spite of these omissions makes it a little more annoying.


But the thing that makes it really unacceptable is that even the quest entries themselves often do not say where they are from or where you should go. Some don't even say they are all the way over in the White March. Mildred wants me to talk to Hammond about her problem? Cool, I'll go find him after I find an exceptionally talented cipher to play back the conversation, because I don't remember who that is. I hope he offers bulk pricing for soul readings, because I have 10 more for him after that.


I realize the Infinity engine games had a journal that was really just an expanding text document, but that is not a part of the experience we need to recapture.


Seriously though, nothing but love over here, I just want to convey why this matters. You can do way better.

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I agree about putting companion quests separately.

I also want to read a quest resolution right after it's just finished but it auto-greys-out and I have to search for it.


Not sure they could organise by area as some quests span more than one area (e.g. that hammer quest in WM2) but maybe by the area it was given from - could be too many areas though.


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