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So I just beat POTD with my melee rogue using boots of speed to reach for isolated ranged enemies. She had a lot of great synergies with Itumaak, especially for flanking. I felt like Sagani's pet also had some kind of movespeed bonuses.


So here's my question : am I imagining things ? Or is this something specific to Itumaak and/or some others companions ? I haven't seen this documented anywhere.

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Animal Companions indeed have bonus in-combat movement speed.


Tbh I don't remember exactly, but iirc it is: 4 for party member; 7 for animal companion.

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Thanks !


One thing I hope deadfire will do better than PoE is documenting hidden attributes. There are tons of things whose effects are very hard to quantify unless you do a s***load of testing and go very deep into the game system.


Tyranny did show attack speed in the equipment menu, I think that's a good start !

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Yeah, we have asked for more transparent mechanics and precise tooltips for quuuuite awhile)


Regarding Tyranny: technically it also didn't show attack speed; nor attack duration, nor action total duration. :)

It was displaying duration of recovery phase:





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