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I really enjoyed the "favorite talents/abilities" thread, and I love all the "favorite/best build" ideas. I want to ask another question: what has been your favorite party to play the game through with? Not so much for RP reasons (I'm not so much interested in the companions with your favorite personalities or banters with each other) as for mechanical/battle strategy reasons. Which build/class/tactics combinations went into your favorite party?

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So far my favorite party was (in terms of how easy it was to stomp everything and at the same time without resting much):


frontline: pal, barb, cipher1

backline: wizard, priest, cipher2








1. paladin: main-tank | 17/16/7/6/19/15 | wild-orlan | plate | Outworn Buckler/Little Savior + Shame or Glory | Old Gerun's Wall + Drawn-in-Spring/Strike Hard

2. barbarian: dps | 15/10/10/19/18/6 | human | plate | Shod-in-Faith + Swaddling Sheet | initial idea was to dual-wield stunning weapons; but ended up with Purgatory + Resolution

3. cipher1: dps/cc | 17/9/14/18/15/7 | pale-elf | plate | dual-wielding sabres (later dual Bittercuts)

4. priest: interdiction / sup / bait / lazy nuclear bomb | 18/7/18/12/20/6 | moon-godlike | robe | gyrd-haewenes / abydon's hammer

5. wizard: dps / lazy cc | 16/6/16/18/19/3 | wood-elf | robe | golden-gaze/minor-blights + blasts

6. cipher2: cc/dps | 16/7/17/19/16/3 | wood-elf | robe | borresaine/rain/cloudpiercer


The usual plan:


Open fight with:

- priest casting: Painful Interdiction (Weakened + Dazed)

- wizard casting: Aspirant's Mark + per-encounter Ghost Blades (Hobbled)

- 2 ciphers start with two Mental Bindings (bigger threats are now Paralyzed, other are Stuck) and two Treasons thrown in enemy backline (Charm)


And follow-up with Barbarian + Blasts + Mental Bindings/Wave/Amplified Wave fiesta.



Plus you have:


- lots of cc

- lots of counter cc

- access to the weakened + barb combo; weakened + paralyze/charm/etc

- easy way to deal with shades/spectres/and alike; via baiting and aoe nuking

- access to gaze-of-adragan + heart-of-fury; as well as increased focus generation vs petrified targets

- access to shining beacons spam on priest with ridiculous mig/int

- double that with cleansing flames; also cleansing flames + disintegration combo.

- barbarian + reaping knives

- mind web

- amplified wave chaining

- double echo on a figurine

- combusting wounds fiesta



I would probably make a similar run in future, but would swap ciphers in roles:


3. cipher1: melee cc/dps | 12/9/18/18/16/7 | pale-elf / boreal-dwarf | plate | Blade of the Endless Paths

6. cipher2: ranged dps/cc | 18/7/17/18/15/3 | wood-elf | naked


And slightly adjust other members stat spreads:

1. paladin: 17/16/7/6/19/15 -> 17/18/7/6/19/13

2. barbarian: 15/10/10/19/18/6 -> 16/10/14/14/18/6 | Dual Bittercuts



The main thing I was missing with this party was Aefyllath chant. If priest or paladin could have it... it would be perfection)

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