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6-1: Player is not prompted how many and which Haunts to banish vs. the Wendigo



In 6-1, when the Wendigo is encountered, "*anyone* MAY banish any number of Haunting they have..." to reduce the check to defeat. Instead, ALL Haunts, in front of ALL characters are automatically banished. (And in case you're wondering, WHY wouldn't they banish all Haunts - when you encounter Wendigo with someone not prepared to fight him - say, a Wizard without a spell-  you're basically wasting your Haunt bonuses even though you have no chance to win this encounter)


So, OK, I guess this implementation is due to UI considerations, and I can see that you have no easy way around, but least you can do is update the Scenario text to something more correct - like "When the Wendigo is encountered, all characters' Hauntings are banished. Until the end of turn...".  Cheers.

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It's been awhile since I played 6-1 but didn't the game used to ask if you want to banish haunts when you encounter Wendigo?

There was. So I guess it's more about the option whether to Banish or to Continue/whatever not popping up when Wendigo is encountered, for whatever the reason.

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