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can't move past encounter



I've just managed to resolve the issue I describe below by not playing my weapon until finally losing the encounter, at which point I was able to end my turn. Here's the problem for the record, though:



I'm seem to be stuck on an encounter with an ancient skeleton in quest mode. I play the combat, but then...no actions are available to me. I can't end my turn or do anything else. If I restart the app, or go the vault or main menu and return, the ancient skeleton is back. I kill the ancient skeleton, but still have no way of moving forward.


I'm playing on an iPad mini, and my PFID is 6C138B959762D7A. Other info:



  • pass and play and permadeath are off
  • party consists of the two starter characters (the cleric and the elf)
  • the cleric (who's having the skeleton problems) is in sandpoint cathedral, and the elf is in the garrison
  • Turn Order - elf went first I guess?
  • quest mode on normal difficulty
  • no hord - just the one skeleton as far as I can tell
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Sorry, I just posted about an issue I was having with my cleric being stuck on an ancient skeleton encounter. I had though it was resolved, but the blasted skeleton is back. The elf's turn went smoothly, but on the cleric's next turn she failed a check for a poison trap. Then the skeleton was back for no apparent reason - I don't think I even drew a card. It was just back. I defeated it again (revealing the poison trap card it had interrupted) and am stuck again. Apparently I'm not going to be able to play properly until this is fixed...

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