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Save game transfer

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I am all for that, even if just few little things transfer but please PLEASE obsidian, for players who did not rebuild Caed Nua please add alternative "start". I loved kickstart trailer and all but in there Caed  Nua had residents an all. In my game I actually play character who cant be bothered with Keep.

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You will be able to import your "end game" save - the one before you enter the final are, I think.

If you don't have one or want a different starting point, you'll also be able to decide what you'd like to have happened in the first game.

That's basically what we know up to now. How extensive that questionnaire will be, and which specific decisions are possible, hasn't been talked about yet.

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What most people mean by "importing a saved game" is transferring their items, gold, and xp for use in PoE2.  This won't be permitted.


Rather, a script at the start of PoE2 will scan your final PoE1 save and "flag" a limited number of story decisions whose ramifications will continue into PoE2.  So if you convinced Aloth to succeed Thaos as head of the Leaden Key, his backstory and perhaps his personality will be different than if you convinced him to instead dismantle the Leaden Key.  Alternatively, you'll be able to just set those decision variables yourself at the start of PoE2. 


Presumably this would occur either through a BG2-type dialogue method (where saying "how's life at the Leaden Key" tells the engine that you made that choice in POE1 whereas saying "have you destroyed the Key yet" tells the engine you went the other way) or perhaps through a Tyranny-like "conquest mode" where the "battles" determine the fates of joinable NPCs instead of the fates of cities.

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