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  1. I am all for that, even if just few little things transfer but please PLEASE obsidian, for players who did not rebuild Caed Nua please add alternative "start". I loved kickstart trailer and all but in there Caed Nua had residents an all. In my game I actually play character who cant be bothered with Keep.
  2. I wish to play somekind of more chaotic character or perhaps insane. Good example would be Malkavian in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. Quests and dialog should have more options for chaotic deeds your character can do. Id love to play cipher who is mentally insane/unstable, heh imagine possibilities. "Arguing with your weapon and claiming to merchant that this weapon is magical, it can talk. When in reality..."
  3. Despite a bit childish post OP made, he is quite correct about too much combat in WM. I too became quite frustraited with all the combat and some moments where you think talking to people will help you avoid combat but then NPCs attack you just because. There is fine line in making combat, but in WM just as you get yourself immerced in some story quest or mission, it gets shattered by never ending enemies... I hope to see that less in Tyranny as I do enjoy playing games on Ironman and hardest difficulty but WM became a bit too much like MMO grind.
  4. Yes to Vampire Masqerade Bloodlines : Easy first pick. Also there isnt much good vampire games around nor in making. Yes to Pillars of Eternity II : But this time give us choice to play evil / chaotic neutral character with proper dialogs and options that fit that kind of character. No to Fallout : After playing Fallout 4 for lenghty time. That game is bad copy of FarCry. I dont see Obsidian pulling miracle and turn hollow excuse of a RPG game into proper RPG. No to KotoR : I am probably only person on earth who thinks Star Wars is boring. Also too much Star Wars games already out. No t
  5. Pfft, too easy. Project Louisiana. Setting from Interview with the Vampire. Obsidians publisher got their hands on Vampire Masquerade rights. Obsidian travels to Louisiana. Vampires in movie were in 1791 spanish Louisiana. Vampires... Vampire the Masquerade... Obsidian... Louisiana... Project... Illuminati confirmed.
  6. Great way to start 2016! Here's my christmas wish list to Obs. E. Santa Feargus: - Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines RPG - Fallout 4 Newer New Vegas - Pillars of Eternity 2 (Living Lands!) for next year.
  7. Hello, Since people talking about realism in this topic I would like to point out that complete realism in games is not always good for the game. This "realism" people seek of from games can be bent and shaped countless times and it still feel "realistic". For example a Human Skeleton is immune to Confused or Charmed. Sounds quite reasonable. Lets slap immunity to it. Realistic, isnt it? Let me give you another example; "A Skeleton is an undead creature in Pillars of Eternity.A Skeleton is what remain once all the flesh has rotted away. Without the ability or desire to feed, they are l
  8. Hello, long time player but first time poster on forums. I had to create account to tell you guys that patch 2.03 brings highly frustraiting and in some point boring gameplay combat wise. I play on PotD, Ironman, Expert for good challenge and am quite far into game. I have custom party of Cipher (main), Wizard, Warrior, Chanter, Rogue and Ranger. Now tactics that I applied before patch 2.03 by debuffing enemies and controlling "large pulls gone wrong" are mostly inneffective now. Immune, immune, immune, immune is all I see. Lately I have resorted to "Door block", "Abuse corner" and "Rubber
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