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Can't change dice



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Every time I change Seoni's dice it reverts back to the basic blue dice. WTH? All my other characters I can go to manage party change them and it stays. Any advice?


I've noticed the same issue.  HOWEVER, if you change the dice then leave the picked dice seem to persist until the next time you open character select up at which point it reverts to default blue.  I've checked the other characters I have and it appears to only be Seoni effected.

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Device info:

  - Galaxy Prime Core

  - Android version: 5.1.1


Today I got lucky enough to get a Purple dice from a treasure chest. I bought that treasure chest with gold and haven't bought anything with real money yet. My current party (and only three heroes I have) are Merisiel, Kyra and Harsk. (Placed in that order in my party) When I decided that this dice would fit with Merisiel and I equiped it, I noticed that Merisiel still used the blue dice in the next match. When I opened the party screen it also showed that Merisiel had the blue dice equiped. Every time I reequiped her the purple dice and left the party screen, she would equip the blue dice again. When I tried to equip Kyra or Harsk with the purple dice it worked all fine, and they used the correct dice in the game.


I know there are other more important bugs to be fixed right now, then the color of the dice. But this kind of discourages me to buy more dice, since I fear to run into more problems with them.

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