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  1. On Android Marshmallow, Oneplus 2. PFID 35946F56DC102BC Pass & play and permadeath are both off. Facing the Stone Head using Seelah and chose the Check option. Discarded a Flaming Ice Axe +1. The Choose Fire or Ice 2d6 appears, but regardless of what I choose, the dice don't appear. I can't proceed in anyway. No other characters aided the check (or are able to aid). The second I discarded the Flaming Ice Axe +1 I proceeded to get stuck. I've closed and restarted the game 3x already and it's still the same result. My party is Seoni, Lini, Amiri, Merisiel, Seelah, and Kyra. Let me know if I should just give up the 100gold daily challenge and forfeit the mission.
  2. I was going through AD 5 for the first time and encountered some minor loop bugs in 5.1, 5.3, etc. But there's a bug in 5.5 that completely ruined my awesome run. The before you act effect from the Warrior of Wrath henchmen kept repeating and cycling through all the characters at the location and EVEN characters that weren't at the location but used a blessing to aid in the acrobatics check. So eventually I kept having to take 1 fire damage over and over on all my characters till I had an empty hand. The location was the Shimmering Veils of Pride if that's of any help.
  3. So Lini is both God tier AND average tier? My personal thoughts is Lini starts out extremely average and turns to mini-god tier. She's still not that good in combat, but totally wrecks all other checks.
  4. Trying to use Amiri's barbarian rage ability while trying to close the Deeper Dungeons location on normal in 3-2, causes a -1 negative modifier that can be stacked by repeatedly spamming the power.
  5. I just farm Brigandoom with two characters for the legendary challenge. ez pz.
  6. I don't have all the characters, only Merisiel, Kyra, Seoni, Amiri, Lini, Seelah, and Sajan. (Haven't used Sajan yet) I'll give my brief review of the characters I have. (Disclaimer: I use the alt version of Seoni, Amiri, Seelah, and Kyra) I find Seoni to be the strongest out of all the ones I've used. I use her for every mission, especially legendary. With legendary, if I'm just trying to do it quickly for daily challenges, I run with either Seoni + Merisiel or Seoni + Amiri. Spells automatically recharging is insanely strong, letting her blast away, and augury lets her scout pretty quickly. Amiri is a beast and can basically win any normal combat on her own and extra movement is amazing on legendary. Merisiel is useful for those levels where you need dex or stealth to avoid monsters or to close locations. She explores pretty slowly though. Too many items not enough allies or blessings. Lini seems more like a support character to me, her 1d4+whatever makes her ideal for spamming buffs and recharging them. She's quite weak on her own and requires help from others to win combat. I gave her augury as well and it makes her an extra good scout with recharging animal allies exploring as well. Kyra is situational, but can handle herself better than Lini. A bit slow on the scouting so I gave her an augury to speed things up. Very effective vs undead, but I never see the need to use healing. It's a waste of action economy. Seelah burns through locations pretty quickly. Her damage could be better, and is an overall strong character both on her own and to the party. Just dont expect to acquire any boons from her location. She'll have it closed before you manage to get anything. I would rate the characters I have in this order from best to worst: 1. Seoni 2. Amiri / Seelah 4. Merisiel 5. Lini 6. Kyra Now all I gotta do is save up more gold to unlock all the male characters. I probably shouldn't have spent all my gold on alts.
  7. So I wasn't hallucinating. That's pretty nice of Obsidian. But they're sneaky about it and didn't put any disclaimer it was 85% off. But also means I'll probably end up buying the rest of the adventures instead of getting the RotR Bundle. But on the plus side I introduced this game to 3 other people, one who them who spends over $100 per month on mobile games regularly.
  8. What do you mean by Deck 2? Burnt Offerings? It is actually second in the list on the 'Adventures' tab in the Store right after RoftR bundle though gamewise it is considered Adventure 1. If it's what you mean the discount has been there for approx. 2 months already. So it has nothing to do with the update. I meant Skinsaw Murders. Burnt Offerings physically had the 80% off icon on top of it. I believe it was 800 Gold. Skinsaw Murders didn't have ANY notification of a sale of any kind, but was only 600 gold. That's why I'm extremely confused (and quite happy about it). Maybe I should have taken a screenshot before hand.
  9. I only got the rooster too. I think the dance with squeely nord is only for those who bought the RotR bundle which includes those specific promos. Probably not the right thread for this, but I've been holding off buying the adventures and just noticed Deck 2 was only 600 gold so I bought it right away. That's an 85%(!) off the usual 4000 gold. Was that part of the update or just some secret feature?
  10. If that's true I regret opening all my chests. It does make sense though since I have a ridiculous amount of B and 1 cards. Is there any other secret meta tidbits you know? Don't worry, I won't ask how you know it
  11. I appreciate the advice, and I've read frequently on the forums, but that's not the real reason holding me back. I know that gold can unlock everything EXCEPT the promo cards, and I'm deciding if the promo's are worth $32 CAD. If I unlocked everything with gold already then it wouldn't be worth paying that much for a few promos (as some other posters have noted in a thread asking for $5 promos). The way it's set up, is if you enjoy playing the game to unlock, it makes it feel like you're being "ripped off" if you get the bundle. And if I do decide to throw my money down, gold would only be useful for treasure chests (Which the value of is being debated in this thread). On another tangent, when I first got this app I dropped down $6 for 20k gold (75% off special) and bought 3 alts, and remainder on chests (before I knew what I was doing) mostly to support Obsidian, so I might just decide on giving them my money out of goodwill. I wonder if there's a way I could pay Obsidian directly instead of having Google take 20% through the Play store though...
  12. This bugged out for me. I ended up getting 10 chests instead. Reminds me of when people got double the christmas compensation. There's bad bugs and then there's good bugs
  13. That's actually why I asked. I remember seeing a post saying it was skewed based on your character levels. I've got more than enough gold to unlock all the adventures but have been deciding if it's worth $32 CAD to unlock it all and save the gold for chests. That said, I've opened around 30 chests already and most of them are B,1,2. With a few 3 and 4 and only one 5 and one 6. So I'm curious if the skewing is still in place. Wonder if a dev could comment on this.
  14. I have this same problem, except it's on Merisiel. Her dice always reverts back to blue after the mission. My Seoni is fine.
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