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Really struggling to beat Thessalonian Sins on six player Nightmare. Any advice from the pros?


The difficulty of the checks to beat the villains just ends too much out of wack, and Nightmare rules make it way hard to try to work around this.

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Chest count: 136

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For starters, at least have a decent prepared decks for each character.

Don't be afraid to reroll your wild cards by forfeiting and remaking the game. Some combinations are just impossible and a waste of time to play with unless you are undergoing some kind of challenge where you must play with whatever.

You'll want characters that have good wisdom to close locations, there's 3 close location wisdom checks here.

Highly recommended but entirely up to you, start every character in a place that has only 1 movable location. That means Thassilonian dungeon, Throne Room, and Desecrated Vault. Last thing you want is to corner a villain in a place where you can't get easy access to. Happened to me, got extremely pissed and failed because of it even though i had 5 turns left. You should be lucky though, the bug was (still) present when i played this scenario; game wouldn't end even if i cornered and defeated all villains.

Any character you want to start with that is adjacent to the Ravenous Crypts of Gluttony instead starts at this location. This is because they get 2 extra cards and can easy move to their originally designated location.

It's ok to not temporarily close all locations, especially if you don't have enough blessings to guarantee close and there are unoccupied locations. If you defeat the villain at least you'll still auto close current location. Just close the ones that are either easy and/or you don't want to run into because of location powers. Ex: always attempt to finish Festering Maze of Sloth first and temp close this location. Abjurant halls of envy is not an ideal area to temp close.

Don't fail to defeat any villain check. If you do= restart. Very high chance you are not winning this scenario.

Leave it all up to luck when you close 2 locations out of 8. Once you meet a villain, temp close every one of the locations so you can finally get rid of a villain. 


You wanna know how i beat it? I used 2 characters and restarted like a dozen times before i got it. I gave up playing 6 characters in this scenario and just settled for 2 to be done with it.

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Augury, scry, then augury, then scry some more. Oh, and Revelation quill, spyglass and magic spyglass. 

You want to close all the locations possible before attempting a single check against the villain. With a bit of luck, you can manage to beat each of the villains only one time, meaning that you won't be forced to do any check higher than 40, which, with a party of 6, isn't so difficult to reach. 

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