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What about Gordy?

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Is it definitely a survival check? Haven't played in a while but for some reason I think it might be tied to resolve. At any rate it's pretty obvious that if you don't hand the dagger to him carefully and warn him, someone is going to get hurt!

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Most of the possibilities are pre-quest completion. The quest opens with him promising to tell you where some treasure is hidden if you get him the dursteel dagger. You can promise to get the dagger, or beat him up and make him tell you. If the former, you go to the one vendor in the city who sells it, and find out that some orlan mercenary already bought it. Then you have the option of convincing the orlan to give it to you, or pay him for it, or kill him and loot the dagger. Once you have the dagger,  return to Gordy. You can then give him the dagger in exchange for the information, or lie that you'll give it to him after he tells, then decline to give him the dagger now that you know where the treasure is.


As for giving him the dagger, the next phase is a survival check. If you have 4 survival or higher then you can warn him that the dagger is not a toy and he needs to handle it carefully. He nods, keeps it sheathed, and carefully takes it home--then presumably later grows up to be a prominent knight. If you don't meet the survival skill, he eagerly grabs it like it's a toy, presumably runs off to play with it, then later you hear a town crier announce that a kid cut off his fingers with a dagger, and that's the last you  hear of him.


So, yeah. The quest has a number of outcomes, but most of them are made before the fateful "give Gordy the dagger" moment. Basically, 4 Survival and you can warn him it's not a toy to save his fingers (I always invest in at least that much to save the kid), or don't bother and let him definger himself.

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