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Lurking Monster



My story game froze up when a Harpy was making my party roll Wisdom saves, so I had to forfeit the adventure. Now that harpy card follows me everywhere, even on the map screen when you pick an adventure. and if I try to encounter a monster, it hides behind the Harpy card and the game won't let me do anything but forfeit.

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This came up on a previous thread.  It should be possible to resolve if you can determine which character mysteriously got the Harpy card added into their deck, then banish it in the Deck Management screen.
Solution 1:

I had the same problem with the lock up issue, but I have a solution. I put the Harpy monk into my inventory by accident. I played a new game and found that I drew it as a card. I think Forfeited the game and clicked on view all cards instead of viewing them by type. I then removed it from my inventory like I would any unwanted card and hit next.

Solution 2:

I got it to work! If you don't see the card in your hand, try this:

1. You need to see the Harpy Monk card and not have it be invisible. For me, I had to go back to the main menu and press Continue to see it.

2. Hit Forfeit. The card should still be visible.

3. Drag the card into your hand. You will then be able to diacard it.

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