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Mechanics needed to get all Durgan ingots in wm1, 2?

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As far as I know you need more than 10 mechanics to find 8 ingots in the mining cart in Durgan's Battery. I don't know for sure because I always have a party member with 12 or more. You'll also need some fighting skills against a certain big, white, winged creature and against a certain humanoid, dried, robed creature to get them all. ;)

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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11 mechs, no more, no less. You will also need some Dex to change the direction of the cart in the mines.


Edit: for the main hidden durgan stash in the mines you have also to free a certain dwarf from the ice and read his note

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How about Durgan Battery? I only have a save at Thaos so I cant test, but if Im not mistaken, Durgan Battery will have layout significant changes once WM2 content starts. If I remembered correctly the new transition will lead you straight to the various inner maps but I dont remember seeing the Basement Map. Also the Foundry map has the earlier rooms cut off.


Just wanted to be sure. I could have remembered wrongly though.

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