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Demonbane longsword?

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Demonbane Longsword is pointless in ROtR. Why have it as a treasure chest card, in a set with hardly any demons?

I would argue that the scarcity of demons in RoTR is proof that the Demonbane Longsword is super effective and scared them all away!


Kidding aside, it is the only other strength/melee weapon (besides AD5 Dancing Scimitar) with a "you may additionally recharge this card" power.  The fact that it can recharge itself it a nice perk for weapon users other than Valeros.


You might be able to overlook the fact that there are only a handful of Demons in RoTR if you can get some good use out of the self-recharging ability.

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I think everyone's forgetting about the Craft skill...

My understanding (although I never played Pathfinder outside of the phone version, so I have no idea what's beyond RotR) is that Obsidian is planning to have a use for things like Demonbane Longsword and Craft skill in later adventures, assuming they do anything beyond RotR.

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