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  1. I agree it's not a great card, though not sure that makes it worthy of posting in the technical support forum. At least the art looks cool.
  2. As a programmer, I understand that fixing things is easier said than done, but I really hope Quest mode gets fixed at some point. It's my favorite part of the game. If it can't be fixed any time soon, I'd rather see it rolled back to when level 30 was the max character level than have it removed entirely. The ability to forfeit or otherwise abort post-mission rewards might also be helpful, since that's where most of the game breaking bugs seem to occur that lock us out from playing.
  3. The quest mode is currently bugged for a lot of people with that issue. The developers are currently out on holiday, though they said they would work on fixing it after getting the main campaign bugs worked out. Right now I'm just playing various parties in the main campaign, but I sure do miss Quest mode. On the bright side, the current weekly holiday reward is just (?) 500 gold. They already gave everyone the holiday sweater due to the bugs people were having getting credit. You'll see a copy in your vault, though you'll need to find a copy during play to give it to one of your party members.
  4. Normally it should say you have (as an example) 4/5 blessings, and then you click the continue arrow on the right if no blessings were collected to replace them. Then it should show default stuff from the box; in this case a stack of 30 or so of the basic "Blessing of the gods".
  5. The daily quests were changed to award you the gold immediately (the way it was originally), so you don't need to go to to Pickup rewards anymore. I assume we might need to go there for the holiday "4 daily" completion award. The quest mode bug with excessive card feats being awarded has been acknowledged by the devs on another thread in the support forum, so hopefully that will be fixed soon.
  6. Try selecting one character, acknowledge the window that pops up, and then instead of picking a role and feat, click each of the other characters in your party (also not making any choice selections). Then go back to the first one and select your role/feat. This trick seemed to work for me and a couple others.
  7. This is apparently still a bug in 1.1.6. Posting in this thread, since it popped when doing a search on Inspired Dexterity.
  8. Same problem here. Most of my party is level 40 in quest mode, and it wants me to pick 4 new card feats total. It's like it doesn't recognize they were already rewarded. My level 38 party member is up for 3 card feats that I've already allocated previously.
  9. I just thought back to what I actually did when I ran into a similar problem. What happens if you look through the power options for all the characters before you start choosing any? Ha, I actually did that before seeing your reply, and it worked! ^_^ So for anyone else that runs into this particular bug, I basically cycled through each of the characters before choosing a new feat for any of them, then was able to pick an upgrade for each of them. The UI still acted a little jumpy, but it didn't get stuck like it was doing previously.
  10. Unfortunately I tried that but it didn't work for me. If I pick a role for Val first, then Kyra or Lem bug out when I pick their roles next. If I force quit and pick Kyra first it works okay, but then when I pick Val or Lem they get stuck. Basically whoever I pick first works fine, but I can't complete selections for my party so my game is basically stuck at this point.
  11. Slighty different circumstances, but I'm also stuck in the Quest Rewards screen. Valerios, Kyra, Lem all hit level 31 at the same time, so it wants me to pick their Role. Whichever character I choose first works correctly. When I then pick the next character, it tells me to click Roles, I make a choice, and then the Powers selections screen get stuck. I can't scroll it up or down, and tapping on any of the available Powers does nothing. I can click the Role button again and look at the other role page, or click on my 3rd party member, but I can't complete my Role selection for them either.
  12. Thanks much for the update! Would be nice to playing Deck 4 already, but I'm okay with rolling another party to pass the time until then.
  13. D4s just hate me in general, even IRL. Whenever I roll Kyra's heal I roll a 1 probably 80% of the time. I do it with physical dice too. Knock on wood, but I didn't have this problem when fighting the 2-1 boss on three different playthroughs.
  14. D4s just hate me in general, even IRL. Whenever I roll Kyra's heal I roll a 1 probably 80% of the time. I do it with physical dice too. Knock on wood, but I didn't have this problem when fighting the 2-1 boss on three different playthroughs.
  15. Paizo has Pathfinder posters, shirts, and other merch available on their website.
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